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Ideas and tips

Whether you are an artist, photographer or designer wanting to stand out (up) in the pile of business cards out there - this card is the solution for you!

Get inspired by the range of possibilities from a few of our earlier customers

The artist and his easel

I offer services ranging from illustration, concept art, graphic design and more computer science related things like web design and programming. I often feel like my services vary a lot. But to me it is important to maximize the format and deliver innovative solutions within set boundaries. To me this card design suggests a bit of that vision :)

Egil Paulsen - artist & designer

Kamicarus card

Back to school

Our company offers professional translation services for individuals and corporate customers. We run courses in Mandarin for clients interested in Chinese culture.
We needed cool business card to effectively show what we offer. The Easel Business Card design turned out to be a perfect solution for us! In a cute and informative way, the card illustrated a flip chart featuring an introductory lesson which could stand on the desk to those who would like to learn Mandarin Chinese! This card has been really successful as I get to give a free mini lesson with it when I meet a new potential client :)

Dragana Vignjevic - Freelance translator, teacher, communication coordinator / consultant for Chinese market card

Draw something

The Easel Business Cards design works well also as blank sheets for you to draw on. We produced a batch of blank Easel Business Cards and handed them out to a couple of artists. Minutes later we had a table full of mini easel artworks done in ink and pencils. The heavy duty art paper we are using works great with paint as well.

It's so funny to draw on these!

Easel Business Cards - from our drawing session

Unexpected works

I work as a freelance concept artist and illustrator. I love working freelance, and obviously that requires me to do my own advertising. I found the easel business card concept perfect as it lets me show a piece of my portfolio that represents the type of work I usually do.
People I meet simply love these cards. They think it is a very unique and surprising idea. I have revisited offices and studios where I find my card still standing on their desk or bookshelf. You can create a mini exhibition nearly everywhere. Sometimes I just leave cards standing on coffeeshops and bookstores just for fun!

Andreas Håndlykken - Freelance concept artist and illustrator card

Deborah M.G Cassolis

Painter Deborah uses this card to promote her art and skills. Here are some of her feedback which she shared with us:

- Congratulations on having the best business cards I have ever seen. They are beautiful! I do not normally call business cards pretty, but your cards are uniquely beautiful! - Jim F., San Diego, CA

- Oh that is a brilliant business card for an artist!! So worth whatever you paid.... I hope it brings much business--beautiful! - Kimi J. Westfield, WI

- Looooooove the new cards. So creative. Very cool. Congrats and best of luck!!! - Seneca N., Tucson, AZ

- I enjoyed your card, it fits you! - Walter S., Tucson, AZ card

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You can also create your own by personalizing the easel motive and contact information in an easy to use editor.

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pilot customer card